The shortest distance between truth and a human being is a story.

We are inspired by the power of a good story and fascinated by the evolving technology available to deliver it. We’re a collaborative group of directors, producers, cinematographers and editors who are storytelling experts. We specialize in video content for nonprofit organizations and independent filmed entertainment.

We know everyone has a story. It’s our job to bring that story to life through artful filmmaking that emotionally connects with its audience.

Services & Capabilities

Our capabilities include all aspects of developing and producing content for our clients — from initial project conception, to post production, and everything in between.

Below are the different ways in which we can tell your story.

  Social Snack Bites | 0:30-1 min

Ideal for Facebook or other social media sites that engages fans.

  Online Videos | 2-4 min

Ideal for personal success stories or more information on the brand, these videos are the optimal time frame for storytelling on multiple platforms (i.e. email, website, YouTube etc).

  Short Films | 5-10 min

Ideal for donor or gala event videos that are longer stories told from various perspectives.

  Long-Form Documentary | 30-90 min

Ideal for in-depth or complex stories with bigger budgets.